CNN Invites Gold Star Mom Thinking She’d Bash Trump… What They Say Leaves Host Speechless

Kirsters Baish| Congresswoman Frederica Wilson has made a complete idiot out of herself by trying to turn the death of a United States soldier into a political tool in order to bash President Trump. We all would hope that a member of Congress would never politicize the death of a United States soldier, but Wilson did just that. She did it for her own political gain. This woman is disgusting. She eavesdropped on a call between a Gold Star family and President Trump and used the situation to launch her career, but unfortunately for her, we aren’t buying it.

It seems as though the Left is willing to do just about anything to try to ruin Trump’s reputation. Wilson isn’t the only guilty party. Leftists all over American are willing to do just about anything to tarnish our President’s reputation among the military.

It didn’t surprise anyone when CNN decided to cash in on the action and invite a Gold Star family onto their network. Their intentions were obvious. They were trying to get this family to bash Trump, but it backfired in their faces.

The following was reported by BizPacReview:

In a never ending quest to criticize President Donald Trump, CNN brought on the parents of another Gold Star family whose son was killed in action. And it made for a heart-wrenching interview.

Sheila and Calvin Murphy appeared on the network to discuss their son, Etienne Murphy, 22, who died in Syria.

Host Alisyn Camerota attempted to bait Sheila Murphy by asking if she had received a call from president Trump, but Murphy shut the door quick.

“No I haven’t but it’s OK,” she said. “It doesn’t matter if I hear from the White House or not, because it’s not really … about a call or letter.”

Murphy also explained that her true wish is for people to remember her son for who he was. This heartbreaking comment touched the hearts of Americans. However, CNN’s Camerota didn’t just leave it at that. She really really wanted this Gold Star mom to hate on President Trump. I guess that’s just what you do if you work for CNN.

Camerota stated, “I know that you, you wrote a letter to the White House, I think. What did you want the president to know about your son?”

The grieving mother answered, “I just wanted him to not forget my son. And I actually thank President Trump for ordering the air strike in Syria but it wasn’t enough to save my child. I have no hard feelings towards anyone.”

The full interview can be seen below:

The amazing thing about Gold Star families is that they are not looking to point fingers or place blame. It is not about politics to them. All that matters to them is that their loved one, who sacrificed their life for our country, be remembered. It’s not about a phone call or a letter. It’s about recognition and respect.

Camerota had ought to be ashamed of herself for trying to get a grieving family to point fingers. This isn’t anywhere near the first time that Camerota has invited a guest on her show with the sheer goal of getting them to lash out at Trump. She should just stop now before she makes herself look any worse.

If you recall back when the Charlottesville incidents took place, Camerota brought people on the show in order to get them to bash Trump. She failed miserably.

The Daily Caller reported:

CNN featured a panel of six Trump supporters (three men, three women) Wednesday morning and despite host Alisyn Camerota’s surprise, they all defended the president and expressed their distrust of the media.

Camerota asked how many panelists were troubled by President Donald Trump’s response to Charlottesville, and not a single panelist raised their hand.

“I didn’t see anything wrong with it. I mean he addressed the problem. Let’s face reality, there are problems on both sides,” panelist Bob Viera said.

“I think it’s ridiculous to have me choose between Hitler and Stalin which is what I consider what both groups are,” he added.  “If you’re willing to set fires and burn places to the ground, that doesn’t seem like a very peaceful group to me.”

The Left will continue to use the sorrow of Americans to try to lash out at Trump and destroy his good reputation. CNN has got to change their tune before they lose ALL of their viewers.