Did You Know This Democrat Goes to Jail on Weekends, But Still Works in Congress on Weekdays

Kirsters Baish| It’s been driving Americans nuts, but Democrats continue to do it. They keep claiming that they are the party of the American people, but realistically, they are as far from it as they could possibly be. They claim that they want to help the working class and the poor pick themselves up and rise higher in society. That couldn’t be further from the truth. They claim that it’s the Republicans who only want to help the rich get richer while they ruin quality of life for the rest of us in America. That is as far from the truth as it could get. And now, it’s time to publicly out them for their lies.

It seems that over and over again we are finding realities about the Democratic Party that were unknown to the people of our country. Democrats continue to fatten their own pockets while they claim to be helping to poor. In reality, the poor fall by the wayside, and the Democrats are breaking countless laws to make themselves even richer.

We are left wondering how the Democrats get away with never making good on their promises. It seems that being in a government position is a ticket to wealth and good fortune. Even when politicians are caught in their lies, they never seem to get the punishment they truly deserve.

The Daily Caller reported the big news that the chief of staff to Representative Bennie Thompson has a big secret, but he won’t be able to hide it anymore. It turns out that he spends his weekend days in jail for tax evasion. The Democrat from Mississippi violated his pledge to fire his wealthy chief if he was found guilty of cheating the United States Treasury out of $150,000. He lied.

Issac Lanier Avant made $170,000 each year in Congressional dollars. However, the court found that Avant didn’t pay ANY tax returns for seven entire years.

Prosecutors found that Avant was not honest during the entirety of their investigation. When he did finally file his tax returns, he lied and said that he donated $50,000 to a religious group. It seemed that he tried to take a strange tax write-off for rollerblading as well. (None of us understand it, so you’re not alone.)

The truly unjust part of the entire situation is that prosecutors asked for Avant to spend one year in prison. Instead, he was sentences in January of 2017 to just a month in jail, after which he would spent weekends in jail for a year.

I don’t understand how many more scandals have to come out for Americans to start understanding how crooked the Democratic Party truly is. We keep hearing about corruption, dishonesty, and crime. Why can’t they receive the punishment they deserve?

A Democrat who was calling for even MORE taxation of the rich was trying to cheat the system and not pay his own taxes. This is the same man who accused republicans of being greedy for helping the rich, but he refused to pay his own share of taxes. This guy was also receiving a pretty hefty paycheck, so why didn’t he follow the rules, and more than that, why didn’t he have to?

It’s terrible that even after Avant was convicted, he was not fired by his superior. How was a man who embezzled hundreds of thousands of dollars from the United States government not even fired? This doesn’t make any sense, and you can bet that if this was a Republican, he would have been long gone, and probably in jail.

This is a complete violation of justice in America. We cannot allow this kind of ridiculousness to continue in our country. The Democrats will continue to play the system and get away with it until we put our foot down.