NO SHOW: Hillary Clinton AWOL After Being Humiliated In London

Kirsters Baish| During her book tour, Hillary Clinton managed to rub just about everyone the wrong way with her negative commentary. Even her husband of 42 years, Bill Clinton, was reported to have been extremely angry with her for her whining in the book. It was reported that Bill explained that the book made her look as bad as it could have and the title was just an embarrassment because “What Happened” makes it seem like she’s giving excuses as to why she lost. The truth of the matter is that she lost and it’s time to get over it.

Hillary seems to have a hard time getting over it. The election was almost a year ago, and she’s still running around making up excuses and pointing the finger as to why she lost. She has been blaming everyone for her loss including Russia, American women, and President Trump himself. She even blamed Facebook for her loss. The only person she hasn’t blamed is herself. She is the one who earned the loss! She took the American voters for granted and made herself look like an arrogant self-entitled politician.

At this point, even Liberals just want her to quiet down and go away already.

Clinton recently traveled to London for her book tour, and while on tour she kept on blaming and hating on President Trump. She was used to the same old questions from the American media. However, Hillary didn’t react properly when she called President Trump “the sexual assaulter in the White House.” The BBC television host had an interesting question for her. He asked, what about Bill?

Hillary looked like a deer in headlights upon being asked that question. She had to have known this one was coming! Of course, she decided to mutter a blatant lie which no one wanted to hear. Hillary’s first interview bombed miserably, and she had more scheduled, but then something interesting happened.

She didn’t even bother to show up. She ran and hid like a shamed child. She is claiming that she suffered an injury, and that’s the reason why she didn’t show up to her second interview. It’s true that she had many health issues during her 2016 Presidential campaign, however, it seems that she was hiding from the London media, because they were tougher on her than the American media has been.

The Daily Mail reported “Hillary Clinton was forced to make a series of embarrassing media cancellations today after falling and hurting her foot.”

The failed presidential nominee was also a no show for the BBC Woman’s Hour, ITV’s This Morning show, as well as an interview with the BBC’s Graham Norton Show. Sources have stated that her fall mysteriously came after she bombed that horrific interview. You know, the one where she called President Trump a sexual assaulter and completely diverted the fact that her husband had been accused of much worse during his time in office.

The Daily Mail was also notified by sources that she is very tired from her book tour and this led to the fall, subsequently leading to her no shows.

ITV’s This Morning’s Phillip Schofield went on Instagram and said “supposed to be interviewing Hillary Clinton, but she’s fallen over and her foot!! Gutted.”

It’s scary to think that this woman had any sort of shot at becoming President of the United States. What’s even scarier is that if Donald Trump hadn’t decided to risk it all and run for president, she may have won. Thank God for President Trump.