PURGE: Sean Hannity’s Twitter Goes Dark After Cryptic Tweet

The ‘Tech Left’ is doing everything in it’s power to silence citizen journalists and those MSM journalist who challenge the establishment. The destruction of the 1st Amendment has been outsourced to the radical SJW’s in Silicon Valley with great success … so far.  It looks like they are now beta testing removing all anti-establishment voices from the platform.  Sean Hannity may be on the chopping block as the NY Post reports:

The Twitter account for conservative TV host Sean Hannity had disappeared for a few hours, and the conspiracy theories quickly were flowing.

After the Fox News star’s verified account posted a message that said “Form Submission 1649,” page visitors on Saturday said they were getting a “Sorry, that page doesn’t exist” message. By the time Hannity’s account was back up, speculation was rampant about the disappearance. A message seeking explanation was left for Fox News. Twitter representatives could not be reached either.

Some guessed the “deep state” of government establishment figures was trying to take down Hannity, a supporter of President Donald Trump. Others liked the theory that a rogue Twitter employee was behind the deactivation, similar to what happened to Trump’s account for 11 minutes in November.